Sunday, December 30, 2012

Football Bowl Games

 Football Bowl Games

Oh the college bowls games! It all started with the Rose Bowl Game in Pasadena, California.  There are 35 games now that allow 70 teams to participate.

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) has 4 Bowl games and one Championship game.  If that is not confusing enough we could move on to professional football… 

To keep it simple and so you will have something on your BlackBerry let’s have a wallpaper for the NFL Playoffs and one for the BCS Bowl series.  If I add more I will put them in the wallpaper section of this blog.  
I have a football BerryWeather you can use for any football game and a BatteryEx icon set for the NFL or the NCAA.

All you need now is an endless supply of munchies and you’ve got yourself a party!



Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New Year

Lets get ready for the New Year 

The Blogger Girls have collaborated once again.  This time we have made a set to help you celebrate the New Year. I will include links to everyone's site to help you with downloading.

There is an exciting new BerryWeather from Hamsterwheel that you can read the weather condition during your night of celebrations. You can find the download on her Keep Calm and Berry On blog.

On the its a berry sweet life blog, where you can always find wonderful wallpapers, Wendy has made several coordinating wallpapers like the one I have used below for the New Year blogger girl set.

We also have a special contribution of coordinating wallpapers from JayDee, our Rambling Queen from the CrackBerry forum. you can find her wallpapers posted on the Keep Calm and Berry On blog too.

I made the  BatteryEx icon set which begins with a full glass of Champagne and as the night progresses and your battery level begins to deplete so does the level of Champagne in your glass.  Hopefully you will be safe at home when the coffee cup appears!  You will be able to download glasses edged in black or white to coordinate with either a light or dark wallpaper.

Warm wishes to all and may your BlackBerry be stylin' as we welcome in the new year!