Saturday, October 20, 2012


Ahh, the tranquility of a cool crisp morning with the scent of coffee waffling through the air your mind starts to wander…OMG get moving. Look at the clock, reminder alarms are sounding, text messages are arriving and oh no…really?... how many new emails?

New coffee wallpapers, two BatteryEx skins, and a new BerryWeather icon set to take you back to a little of that morning solace.
Sweater Weather

Click on the link below to download 'Sweater Weather'
 Sweater Weather download link
 The 'Coffee for Her' and 'Coffee For Him' BatteryEx icons will change with the level of battery life on your Blackberry.
 BatteryEx 'Coffee For Her'
Coffee For Her charging
Coffee For Her discharging
  'Coffee For Her' BatteryEx download link

BatteryEx 'Coffee For Him'

Coffee For Him charging
Coffee For Him discharging

 BatteryEx 'Coffee For Him" download link

Three coffee wallpapers

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