Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Veterans Day

November is a busy month! Halloween decorations have been put away, our political yard signs stowed, and preparations are underway for Thanksgiving. Let's all take a moment to pause and reflect on our Veterans.  November 11th is Veterans Day; a day intended to honor and give thanks to all Veterans of military service. Because of their service and sacrifice we feel safer and more secure in an unsafe world.  Our lives are so busy we sometimes overlook the things that we take for granted.
Thank you to all Veterans for your dedication and honorable service to our country.

Liberty Veterans Day with 'Glory' BerryWeather
US Flag_1 BateryEx

Liberty Veterans Day

The Proud with 'Glory' BerryWeather
Eagle Head  BatteryEx

The Proud


"Glory" BerryWeather 
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US Flag_1   click below for download
 US Flag_1

Eagle Head   click below for download
Eagle Head 

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