Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Day

 I love February! There will be pink and red hearts everywhere you look. Lets get ready.

Valentine's Day is February 14th. It's time to exchange candy, flowers, hugs and kisses. Whether you are buying Valentine cards for the little ones to pass out at school or for the big kids at heart, everyone wants a Valentine. Assemble the paper doilies, glue and construction paper, or run to your nearest Hallmark store. Better yet, send your digitally connected friends wallapers and text messages. Remember family and friends, young and old, because everyone wants to know they are remembered, loved and appreciated.
                     Every day should be Valentine's Day!

Below you will find  Valentine wallpapers (more on the Wallpaper page) a new BerryWeather along with two favorite heart weather sets. I have a new custom BatteryEx set in several colors you can order with your name on it. Click on the Custom tab at the top of the page to place your order.

Click on the link above to download "My Love" BerryWeather 

clink on the above link to download 'Queen of Hearts' BerryWeather

'Abbys Pink Weather' download link on the BerryWeather page

BatteryEx custom icon sets!! Pick your color and add a name.
Go to the Custom tab at the top of the page


Abby's Red BerryWeather 
download link on BerryWeather page

Don't forget to check out the wallpaper page, use the tab at the top of this page. There are  more Valentine wallpapers posted. Just think, maybe someday I may even have tags to make things easier to find. But for now think of it as an adventure!


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  1. Love the new Valentines blog setup !!! And those falling hearts...wayyy too cute !!!!